Part Numbers, Microcontroller Side

Part numbers for components on the bottom (microcontroller) side of the RCX circuit board. The list is loosely ordered from left to right, with the board oriented so that the power connector is on the left.

Quantity Description Part Number
1Small chip, three leads, center of left edgeZ5 / P / 7d
1Power MOSFET (?), four leads, one openF3055L / H7 / 01
1Black chip, two leads, below 3055106 / 6V
2Small chips, three leads, right of 30553K / P / 81
1Gray box, two leads, above and right of 3055?
3Motor drivers, 16 leadsELEX 10402B / 9980A / 4597
1Bank of three-input NAND gates, 14 leads74HC10D / B55670ME / Hnn9805 B
1Small chip, three leads, below left edge of 74HC10Z4 / P / 7o
1Small chip, three leads, above and right of 74HC101K / P / 82
1Bank of flip-flops, 20 leads74HC377D / B60370ME / Hnn9805 B
1Oscillator crystal, above microcontroller16.00N
1Small chip, three leads, above microcontrollerP005
1H8 microcontroller, 64 pin QFP71748.51A / HD6433292B02F / 9806
1RAM, 32 KB, 28 pinsD43256B60-70LL / 9752XD077
1Small chip, two leads, top of right edgeJ475
1Small chip, three leads, center of right edge3K / P / 81
1Small chip, three leads, bottom of right edge1K / P / 82
1Resistor, yellow label on black100
1Resistor, yellow label on black101
1Resistor, yellow label on black103
10Resistors, yellow label on black104
1Resistor, yellow label on black123
1Resistor, yellow label on black155
4Resistors, yellow label on black223
1Resistor, yellow label on black224
1Resistor, yellow label on black331
1Resistor, yellow label on black394
6Resistors, yellow label on black473
1Resistor, yellow label on black474
4Brown boxes, two leads, scattered?

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