Part Numbers, LCD Side

Part numbers for components on the top (LCD) side of the RCX circuit board. The list is loosely ordered from left to right, with the board oriented so that the power connector is on the right.

Quantity Description Part Number
2IR emitters?
1IR receiverTK19 / TFM. / 749 / 1380
1Small chip, four leads, below right edge of IR receiverCDC / P83
8Small chips, three leads, scattered on left half3K / P / 81
3Small chips, three leads, scattered on left half1K / P / 82
1Small chip, two leads, right of IR receiverJ475
3Red cylinders, wide then thin black stripes, two leads?
1Resistor, white label on green561
5Resistors, yellow label on black103
1Resistor, yellow label on black105
5Resistors, yellow label on black223
1Resistor, yellow label on black224
3Resistors, yellow label on black332
3Resistors, yellow label on black390
1Resistor, yellow label on black473
3Resistors, yellow label on black1002
1Resistor, yellow label on blackIR0 (?)
3Small gray boxes, two leads, scattered on left half?
1LCD display?
1Speaker, 15 mm diameter, 4 mm high, beneath LCD?
1LCD controller, beneath LCDPCF8566T / 61875 / YSM98061
1Metal can, two leads (?), right of bottom edge of LCDH2 / 100 / 16V
1Voltage regulator (?), eight leads, right of metal can79AX / LM293 / 6M-5
1Power connector8 (on back) / 22 (on top)
12Small brown boxes, two leads, scattered?
12Diodes, scatteredSM 4002
12Metal clips?

Thanks to Ken Stein for pointing out that I had mistakenly listed the diodes as being SM 4001.

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